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Listen Up provides a bespoke 360 promotional service offering radio, club, streaming promotion and press campaigns globally.

Artist + Events Press

Listen Up’s UK and US press departments consist of large teams in both the London & Los Angeles offices with extensive experience across print and online world wide campaigns, as well as TV plugging in the US.

Day in day out, we work across major label projects and maintain exceptional relations with the music industry’s biggest players. We’re also just as passionate about breaking the careers of up and coming clients - our expertise allows us to work with some of the most cutting edge labels, events and acts around. Providing a 360 solution to your press requirements, we can build campaigns from the ground up: taking care of biographies as well as press releases, and providing advice and guidance for every intricate aspect of an artist, label or event’s brand.

With in-depth knowledge of the constantly evolving world of press, we can confidently deliver worldwide campaigns with results in every continent. Our experience and long-standing relationships with the world’s largest and most influential publications mean that whether it is an album, tour, single, label or festival, we can provide a campaign tailored to your needs.

Daytime Radio

We aim to create campaigns tailored to each individual client’s need, whether building a track through key UK radio tastemakers, developing an artist towards a playlist push, or establishing promotional radio partnerships for festivals. We look for the best promotional opportunities for artists, including flagship events for Radio 1, Kiss and Capital, on air interviews, live sessions and guest mixes. We work closely with the national radio stations and various playlists and production teams to provide you with results in every campaign.

Our National Radio department covers radio servicing across the whole of the UK. We plug to all key shows on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and 6 Music, Capital FM and Kiss FM networks and an extensive spread of regional specialist radio shows.

Specialist Radio & Club

UK & International Specialist Radio

Our Specialist Radio department have built long lasting relationships with radio presenters, DJ's and producers across UK and International radio over the past 13 years. Working closely with labels, artists and management we devise strategic timelines with targeted roll out plans which are actioned through daily meetings with station teams - building artists through key specialist shows alongside high level features, guest mixes and interviews. With a focus on long term development we grow artists into daytime playlist propositions working with Radio 1, Kiss FM, Capital FM, regional and community stations in the UK. 

Tastemaker DJ/Club

Our team have built substantial relationships across the electronic music spectrum, working both with, and for, A-List DJ’s and Producers. We service global touring tastemakers to gain personal reactions, club play and chart support - building hype and awareness in a global live space to engineer an organic buzz for underground music.


With the popularity of streaming erupting in recent years, success across streaming apps is critical to promoting music globally. 

Listen Up builds relationships with independent playlist curators to get your music heard. We devise an individual approach to each campaign to achieve the best possible coverage for a release, with the ultimate aim of engaging an audience as wide as possible for our clients.

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