Artist + Label Press

Listen Up’s artist and label press department consists of a large team with extensive experience across print and online world wide campaigns.

Day in day out, we work across major label projects and maintain exceptional relations with the music industry’s biggest players. We’re also just as passionate about breaking the careers of up and coming artists - our expertise in the underground scene allows us to work with some of the most cutting edge labels and acts around. Providing a 360 solution to artist’s press requirements, we can build campaigns from the ground up: taking care of biographies as well as press releases, and providing advice and guidance for every intricate aspect of an artist’s brand.

With in-depth knowledge of the constantly evolving world of press, we can confidently deliver worldwide campaigns with results in every continent. Our experience and long-standing relationships with the world’s largest and most influential publications mean that whether it is an album, tour, single, label or residency, we can provide a campaign tailored to your needs.